Native Americans in the Woodlands Regions of the United States for Kids and Teachers Illustration

Woodland Native Americans
in Olden Times
Native Americans for Kids

Meet the fascinating Northeast Native Americans in Olden Times. How did they live? What did they eat? Did kids go to school? What are night messages? What is wampum? What was considered good manners? Who was wise owl? What was the job of the False Face Society? Who were the Three Sisters? What were the Snow Snake Games? Who was Hiawatha? Why was the League of Nations so unusual? What was wampum? Find out here. Welcome to the tribes of the Iroquois Nation, and the Ojbwa, Chippewa, Lenape Native Americans in olden times.

Northeast Woodland Native Americans

Iroquois Nation in Olden Times

Ojibwa/Chippewa in Olden Times

Lenape Native Americans in Olden Times

The Invisible Warrior (Ojibwa Cinderella presentation in PowerPoint format)

Wise Owl (Iroquois Creation Myth)

Southeast Woodland Native Americans

The Native Americans of the Southeast were considered members of the Woodland Native Americans. About 4000 years ago, there were many different Southeast Woodland Indian tribes. Most tribes were farmers, hunters, and gatherers. They spoke different languages and dialects. Some knew each other. Some did not. The Southeast Woodland people believed in many gods and goddesses, deities to whom they prayed in song and dance for help and guidance. They had some very strange customs, and some very beautiful ones. Come meet the Seminole, Cherokee, Muscogee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and more!

Seminole Native Americans in Olden Times

Cherokee Native Americans in Olden Times

Muscogee (Creek)




Ye ho waah - Cherokee Origin Story

Far North Woodland Native Americans

Northern Algonquians/Woodland Cree
in Olden Times

The Shaman