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Warnings: The American Indian, like all people, liked to tell tales about things that had happened in their life. American Indians did not write words down in books. But they did have a form of writing. They drew pictures on hides, on rocks and on bone. Some of their pictures were left as warnings to others.

Symbol Stories: Indian symbols told a story. For example, a story might be, "In the year of the plenty food, people had time to talk together." In time, that became the sign for talking together.

Indian Symbols: Here are some Indian symbols.

Bear Alive Brother Talk Together
Campfire Bad Make Peace
Fear Indian Camp

Story #1
These symbols tell a story
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Story #2
What story do these symbols tell?

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Story #1: Answer:
My brother and I talked together
and made peace at the campfire.

Story #2: Answer:
People, be afraid (careful), there is a bear near the village.