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Apache Religion

In ancient times, the Apache believed that supernatural beings lived with them. They could not see them, but they were there. They believed spirits also lived in mountains and in streams and under rocks. Spirits were everywhere. They could even be found inside a rock.

The Apache were very clean. They took frequent baths. They believed they were cleaning their bodies of both bad luck and evil spirits.

Mountain Spirit Dances: The Apache believed their ancestors were rocks and trees and the wind and other things in nature. Because of this, when they prayed to spirits, they were praying to their ancestors. But to the ancient Apache, that ancestor might be a rock or a tree or a mountain.

Apache Fiddle - Bow and One String: Although most Indians did not use stringed instruments in olden times, the Apache did invent an odd instrument that had only one string on a bow. The string was pulled to make a noise. It made a very eerie sound. They added this instrument to drums and rattles, and played the Bow with One String at ceremonial dances.

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Apache Fiddle

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