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Southwest Apache
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Apache Games

Apache boys and girls played games that kept them fit. Archery was an important competition sport, as the bow and arrow was their main weapon. Apache kids also played toe and toss games to develop coordination, balance, and strength.

  1. Toe Toss Stick: To play this game, you needed a stick. To set up play, you first made a mark on the ground. Then you stood behind the mark and balanced a stick on your toe. The object was the toss the stick as high as you could and have it land on the mark. You got points for height and for accuracy.

  2. Foot Toss Ball: To play this game, you needed a stone. To set up play, you balanced the stone on your toes. This game had a choice. You could either play to see how far you could toss or how high you could toss the stone with your toes. Kids used light stones, adults used heavy stones, and they completed with each other.

Apache Myths

The Apache loved stories, myths and legends, especially stories about Apache warriors. From the time they were babies, Apache kids heard stories of how brave Apache warriors won battles using strength, speed, cleverness, and accuracy.

The Apache did not count on luck to help them. They stayed trained and fit. But they were realists. A little luck was always welcome.

Child of Water & Little Blue Rock by Lin Donn

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