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Southwest Apache
Food & Clothing

What did they eat?

The Apache did not grow food. They were hunters and gatherers. They used bows and arrows to kill deer and rabbits and other game. The women gathered berries, nuts, corn, and other fruits and vegetables. They moved from place to place, in search of food. One thing they did not eat was fish, although fish were plentiful.

What did they wear?


The men wore breechcloths in the summer, and a warmer outfit of deerskin in the winter of leggings and shirts. Both men and women wore highly designed sandals.

Apache women were dressers - they really worked on their appearance. The women wore long skirts and blouses made of leather. Their skirts and blouses matched. They usually had a solid line around the bottom of the skirt, with a matching design on the blouse. Sleeves came just above the elbow to leave them free to work. In the summer, they made clothes of fabrics to be cool, but they were still matching outfits, and carefully designed.

Jewelry: The women wore lots of jewelry - belts, earrings, necklaces made of metal with woven leather.

Hairstyles: The women wore their hair long, and put oil in it to make it extra shiny.

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