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Southwest Apache
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How did the Apache live?

No Central Government: In the old days, the Apache did not have a central government. They did not have a tribal government. They lived and traveled together in small bands. Today, things are different. Each Apache reservation has its own tribal government.

Burden Baskets: Apache baskets were colorful and well designed. They were woven from various plants. Some were lined with pitch, which is a natural waterproofing material made from pine trees. The waterproof baskets were used to carry water and other liquids. Baskets were used as storage containers for just about everything. Some were called burden baskets.

Apache Babies: Babies were carried by their mothers on babyboards. This was to keep them comfortable, safe, and able to learn. Babies are quite observant.

Apache Girls/Women: The women raised the kids, prepared and cooked the food, made clothing, and gathered fruits, vegetables, and firewood, along with the grasses they needed to make baskets.

Apache Boys/Men: The Apache men from age ten were trained for combat. Legend says - an Apache boy needed to run to the top of a mountain before the sun rose each day to get fit enough to pass into manhood.

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