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Daily Life in Olden Times
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Everglades Seminole Indians

Seminole Religion:

Dreams: The Seminole believed that everyone had dreams. When someone had a dream, they would ask the old ones for guidance. They did not have to take the advice offered, but they believed it was good to get advice.

Animal Spirit Helpers: They other place they could turn for help was by praying to their animal spirit helper. The Seminole believed that everyone had an animal spirit helper who watched over them and guided them. It might take many years and many dreams to recognize your particular spirit. Nothing in your dress or name could give away the identify of your helper.

Funeral Practices: When someone died, their body was put in a coffin along with a bundle of clothes and some cooking utensils. The coffin was buried. The rest of the family abandoned whatever chickee they were living in at the moment, and moved on. The home remained empty until another family moved in.

Legends of the Seminole

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