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Village Life: Seminole villages were very small. The entire village might be 2 homes (chickees), 1 eating house, and 1 storage house. A large village might have 10-12 homes (chickees).

Their homes were built in a circle around a central open area used as a protected play area for their children and their central campfire.

Campfires were always built in the same way. Logs were arranged like the spokes of a wheel.

Seminoles did not stay in their village year around. They were often on the move, camping near harvest areas or off hunting. If someone came by and found a village deserted, they were welcome to spend the night. There were no locks. There were no walls.

The Seminole might not return to a specific village for some time, but wherever they went, they either built a new camp, or stayed at an old one that they had built in the past. Each Seminole family had many homes.





Chickee (Seminole Homes)

Seminole Daily Life for Kids

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