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Clans and Marriage

Clans: The Seminoles were broken up into several clans. A clan is a family group. Each clan was named after something in nature - Panther, Bear, Bird, Deer, Wind, Snake, Otter. Clan names were very important.

Your name announced what clan you belonged to. The Seminoles had a naming ceremony. Only 2 people could have the same name in a clan. When one died, that name was passed on to a boy or girl turning 12. That person carried the clan name until they died, and again the name was passed on. No other tribe or clan could use those names.

Clans had songs and special necklaces that also identified them.

Marriage: A wedding could be performed by any male relative of the bride or any one of the "old men" of the tribe. Often, the bride's father performed the ceremony.

Marriage between relatives was forbidden. You had to marry out of your clan.

When a child was born, it belonged to the mother's clan.

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