The Southeast Chickasaw Indians in Olden Times for Kids and Teachers Illustration

The Chickasaw Indians in Olden Times for Kids

The Chickasaw did not live in villages. They lived in small camps, scattered along rivers and waterway. They were hunters and gatherers. Because the men were hunting, and the women were gathering food, you might think the children had to work as well. They did not. Small children were free to help or to roam as they chose. Most girls chose to help. Most boys chose to roam.

Legend says... Chickasaw women were never worried about their young warriors. Even very small children were free to roam about all day with a blowgun and a tiny bow and arrow. From the time they were born, it was emphasized to Chickasaw children to always be aware of every leaf, to see each as a unique being. So they never got lost. They followed the leaves all the way home.

Chickasaw Daily Life

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