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Southeast Cherokee Native Americans
Village Life

How did the Cherokee live in olden times?

Village Life: The Cherokee lived in villages. Each village was home to about 400-500 people. In each village, there were 30-60 homes, a plaza, a town square, and a council house large enough to hold all the villagers during a village meeting. A wall of tall poles tied together surrounded each village. There was a summer village and a winter village.

Homes: Each family had two homes. These homes were located in the two different villages, the summer village and the winter village.

Winter Round Homes: Round homes were made of wood, and covered with mud for additional protection against the cold. Homes had bark roofs. The homes were decorated with colorful rugs, baskets, and wall hangings. Each home had a fire burning in the center. Homes had smoke holes at the top to let out the smoke.

Summer Rectangle Homes: Summer homes were bigger. They were made in the shape of huge rectangles. Cone shaped roofs were made of bark, covered with long grass. The house was made with long sticks. These homes were cool and airy, and let in light.

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