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Southeast Cherokee Native Americans
Roles of Men and Women

In the Cherokee culture, men and women were considered equals.

Cherokee Men: Men cut down trees to clear land for planting. They used the wood to build canoes, homes, and the pole fences around the villages. They hunted and fished. They made traps, nets, and other tools. They fixed moccasins.

Sometimes a man would move in with his wife's family, and sometimes he might build a home for his wife.

Cherokee Women: The role of Cherokee women in the past was very different than the role of other American women.

In the Cherokee Nation, women were warriors. Women also ruled the home. Although the men built the homes, the women owned them. Women had power over their families, participated in government, and fought as warriors. Very few women had these rights in Colonial America.

They also did the same jobs as did other Native American women. They were very proud of their colorfully designed baskets. Baskets were used to gather nuts in the fall, and store goods. The women were the farmers. They planted seed and harvested crops. They stored food. Young girls pounded corn into flour. Women used the skins of animals to make clothing and other goods. They also raised the children.

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