Cherokee Indians in Olden Times for Kids and Teachers - Food and Clothing Illustration

Daily Life in Olden Times
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Southeast Cherokee Indians
Food and Clothing

What did the Cherokee eat in olden times?

Agriculture: The Cherokee were farmers, hunters and gatherers. They grew corn, squash and beans, along with pumpkin, melons, sunflowers, tobacco, and other crops. Corn was the most important food. The women made sure they planted enough crops to provide food for two years.

Hunting & Fishing: The Cherokee were wonderful hunters. Legend says ... They could hit a fly from 30 feet away. They did not hunt for sport. The men only hunted what they needed to feed their families. Every part of the animal was used. The most important animal for their needs was the deer. They hunted turtles for food, and used turtle shells for rattles.

Tools: They made blowguns, bows and arrows, animal traps, nets to catch fish, and spears.

What did the Cherokee wear in olden times?

Clothing: Women wore deerskin tops, skirts, and moccasins. Men wore deerskin loin clothes in the summer, and added leggings, shirts, and robes in the winter, all made of deerskin.

Tattoos and Body Paint: Men commonly decorated their bodies and faces with tattoos or paint.

Jewelry/Beads: They made jewelry of shells and silver. Women made painted clay beads.

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