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Southeast Cherokee Indians
Battle Techniques


War Parties: The Cherokee did not have armies. Instead, they had bands of war parties that each had 5-100 warriors.

Weapons: They used hand-to-hand combat as well as arrows.

Hit and Run: Their technique was to hit and run. Once they hit, the band scattered in several directions. You could only chase after a couple of the groups, and the rest could be following, ready to catch you in a trap. Cherokee enemies soon learned not to follow the scattered band. Later, the band would regroup and return. Just because they scattered did not mean you had won.

Traps: The Cherokee were brilliant at setting up traps to lead their enemy into places where they could be killed without endangering Cherokee warriors. One such trap was to send in slaves and captives dressed like Cherokee warriors. An enemy army would think they had a Cherokee band surrounded, when actually, they were the ones being surrounded as they moved in on the fake Cherokee band.

Preparations for Battle & the Booger Ceremony

Captives & the Darkening Land

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