Southeast Cherokee Indians in Olden Times for Kids and Teachers Illustration

Southeast Cherokee Indians in Olden Times

Why did the Cherokee Indians have a red chief and a white chief? What is a Booger Ceremony? What techniques were invented by the Cherokee that made them successful in battle? What is the Darkening Land? What was the Trail of Tears? Find out here. Welcome to the Southeast Cherokee Indians in Olden Times.

Quick History - Who were the Cherokee?

Food and Clothing

Government - Peace Chiefs, War Chiefs, Role of Women in Government

Village Life, Summer Villages & Winter Villages

Roles of Men and Women

7 Clans and Marriage

Arts & Crafts

Religion, The Deer God, Medicine Man, Festivals, Animal Spirits

Ye ho waah (creation myth)

Warriors: Preparations for Battle, and the Booger Ceremony

Battle Techniques

Captives & the Darkening Land

Trail of Tears

Cherokee Daily Life

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