Native American Recipes in Olden Times - Iroquois Corn Bread Illustration

Iroquois Corn Bread

Boiled Corn Bread: The Iroquois Indians made a wonderful boiled corn bread. They made flour by pounding corn into corn flour. To make bread, they mixed water with corn flour. Sometimes cooked beans were added, or berries or nuts. The bread was kneaded and formed into small loaves. The loaves were dropped into boiling water and cooked until the bread floated. Boiled corn bread was served both hot and cold. They also used the same bread mix to bake bread by putting it on clay tablets in the fire. They used sunflower oil to fry bread.


If you want to try making Iroquois corn bread, mix corn flour with water and a little salt.

Knead it.

Turn it out on a floured board.

Keep kneading until you can handle the bread without it sticking to your fingers.

Then either boil it or fry it.

If you want it to puff up, add a little baking soda.

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