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Native Americans Free Presentations
in PowerPoint format

Free Use Presentations in PowerPoint format

Retold by Lin Donn, illustrated by Phillip Martin; some restrictions apply. See bottom of this page

The Invisible Warrior (Woodland Northeast)

Clever Coyote (Plains)

Child of Water and Little Blue Rock (Apache)

How Raven Stole Crow's Potlatch (Pacific Northwest)

Wise Owl (Iroquois myth, Woodland Northeast)

By Region

Northeast Woodland Native Americans

Southeast Woodland Native Americans

Plains Native Americans

Southwest Native Americans

Coastal Northwest Native Americans

People of the Plateau

Far North, Arctic Native Americans

Multiple Regions & Overviews

Indian Wars


Totem Poles



The Three Sisters (food)

Native American Art

For Kids

Native Americans for Kids

Native American games & activities

For Teachers

Classroom Activities for Native Americans

Lesson Plans for Native Americans

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