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Cooking - Plateau Native Americans in Olden Times

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Food was cooked in pits dug in the ground using heated rocks to bake, and open fires to roast and broil. The women filled baskets with water and added heated stones to make soups.  Since the women were very busy during the day, they usually prepared a quick breakfast for their family, then set up something to slow cook during the day while they were doing other chores. 

On festival days, women would work together to prepare food to be enjoyed by the entire village. 

  • The First Salmon Ceremony was celebrated by both the Northwest Pacific Native Americans and the Plateau Inland Native Americans. This festival celebrated the first salmon caught each year.

  • The First Root Festival was a very serious festival. The women made food from roots. Sacred mats were hauled out of storage and placed on the ground. Bowls of food were placed on the mats to signify food from the earth. Deer meat was usually served at this meal.

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