Clothing, Hats, Headdresses, Jewelry - Plateau Native Americans in Olden Times for Kids Illustration

Clothing, Hats, Headdresses, Jewelry - Plateau Native Americans in Olden Times

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Clothing:  In the beginning and for thousands of years, the women of the Plateau made clothes woven of Tule reeds. Tule is a really tough reed that grew wild. These reeds were collected and stored. They were very important to the tribe. They were so tough and durable, and could be woven so tightly together, that homes were often made of Tule reeds. The women made clothes from other plants as well. These clothes included leggings, skirts, moccasins, shirts, aprons, and robes all made from plants. They used fur, feathers, beads, and shells to decorate their clothing. 

As time went on, they had more contact with the Plains Native Americans. The people of the Plateau began to make clothes from deer hide and other leathers as did the Plains Native Americans.  Hides allowed paint to be used, and colorful dyes made from plants, along with beads, pieces of fur and feathers. Their paintings and designs told a story.  The people of the Plateau were very artistic. They never just made clothing. They made works of art that you could wear, with designs that were both colorful and meaningful. 

Hats and Headdresses:  Hats were made from different materials for winter and summer wear.  Their hat design was distinctive it was a conical shape like a flat top tee-pee. Men, women, children, and babies all wore conical hats. Headdresses were different. Headdresses were huge affairs and wore at ceremonies. The more elaborate the headdress, the more important the person.

Jewelry:  Men, women, children, and babies all wore jewelry made of shells, hide, feature, fur, stone, wood, and other materials.  Like everything else, jewelry was designed and painted to be both beautiful and have meaning.

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