Native Americans of the Plateau Region of the United States for Kids and Teachers Illustration

The Plateau Native Americans in Olden Times for Kids

For Kids

Early People of the Plateau:  About 10,000 years ago, different tribes of Native Americans settled in the Plateau region of the United States.  They were hunters and gatherers.  These different tribes had many cultural similarities.  They were nomadic and moved around throughout the year. They had a winter home, a summer home, and temporary homes as needed for various activities.

The geography of the Plateau had a great influence on the lives of these early people

The various tribes of people living on the Plateau got along amazing well because they believed in the spirit of cooperation

Equality and Loyalty - Family First, Independent Villages, and Equality in Government

Food - Improving Nature, Hunting Parties, and Fishing Stations

A Religion of Many Spirits, and the Shaman

Story: The Medicine Man

Spirit Guides

Very Noisy Ceremonies

Marriage, Weddings, and Living Space

Babies, Birthing Huts, and Cradle Boards

Sharing Ceremony

Naming Ceremony

Homes, the Pit House, the Summer House, the Temporary House

Cooking and Recipes

Clothing, Hats, Headdresses, Jewelry

Artistic Crafts, Carvings, Beadwork, Baskets, Mats, Tools, Designs

The Hand Game (also called the Stick Game)

The Storytellers - Historians/Storytellers/Teachers

Transportation and Trade

The Arrival of the Horse

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