Sioux Native Americans - Travel Illustration

How did the
Sioux Native Americans travel?
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Horses: Like all Plains People, the Sioux rode horses for hunting and traveling.

Boats: When the Sioux ran into a river or a stream, they built a boat. They used hides, sewn onto round frames made of willow. Once made, they might take a boat with them for a while, dragged along with other goods. When the willow frames wore out, they removed the buffalo skins, and burned the wood.

Travois: The Plains People did not use wheeled vehicles. Instead, they used a travois. A travois was a buffalo skin spread over two long poles. Goods were piled on the buffalo skin. Horses pulled the travois. The travois was usually nothing more than parts of their tipi. Instead of dragging tipis, they set the tipis to work carrying goods.

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