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What did the
Sioux Native Americans wear?
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Like all Plains People, the Sioux used all the parts of the animals they killed. Nothing was wasted.

Hunters brought back deer, elk, moose, sheep, beavers, mountain lions, coyotes, and rabbits to name a few. Animals provided food, clothing, and bags to hold arrows, medicines, and other goods.

Even the tiniest scraps were kept and used over and over. If they could not find a useful purpose for something, they used it decoratively.

Women: The women wore dresses made from soft deerskin. They used the soft fur from rabbits to decorate their clothing.

Men: The men wore leggings and gloves. They rarely wore shirts.

Moccasins: Leftover scraps of deer and elk skin were used to make moccasins. Scraps from other animal skins were used to added decorative fringes to clothes and to moccasins.

Buffalo Robes: The men wrapped buffalo furs over their shoulders. They could not be buttoned or fastened. These fur garments were called buffalo robes.

Jewelry: Both women and men wore a lot of jewelry made of sea shells, metal, and beads. The men wore necklaces and sometimes arm bands. The women wore earrings and bracelets.

Men had to earn the right to wear a grizzly bear claw necklace through an act of bravery.

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