Plains Native Americans - Lesson Plan - How the discovery of the horse changed life on the plains Illustration

Discovery of the Horse
Changed the Life
of the Plains Native Americans
Lesson Plan:
Influence of the horse on the Plains People

Teacher Note:
Do not give your students a list.
Rather, give them clues to get them thinking.

  • Open Class Discussion: Say: Now we're going to talk about inventions, and how they can change your life. When your grandparents were growing up, the invention of television changed the way people lived. Imagine the world today without television. What would be different? (Get some answers)

  • Provide access and read information: You can find our write up here: http://nativeamericans./plains.html

  • Transition: Say, Some inventions change life considerably. That's what happened to the Plains people. Once they had the horse, life was never the same again. In their case, the discovery of the horse made them very happy.

  • Individual Activity: Direct students to select a modern invention and write a brief essay on how that invention has changed daily life. If they need help, throw out suggestions that they can use, like the invention of the automobile, airplane, computer, cell phone, and playstation.

    Give students instructions on what their essay must include:

  • Opening statement sentence

  • Body, 3 short paragraphs:
    Describe invention
    How it affects them personally
    How it has affected society

  • Closing summary sentence

Give them some time to write their essay in class. Collect papers. They can illustrate their essay if they wish while others are finishing up.

Close Activity:

  • Ask: What are some of the inventions you selected? (Get some answers.)

  • Close with a positive feedback statement, such as, "All of these inventions most certainly changed daily life. Nice job everyone!

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