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Moccasin Game

The Moccasin Game: The Moccasin Game was a noisy game. You had to get permission from the village elders to play the Moccasin Game. To play, you needed four moccasins, a pebble, and a stick. The players were divided into two sides, the finders and the keepers.

The Singer: One player of each team was the singer. The singer's job was to encourage his or her own team, while jeering at the other team.

The Keeper: One player was the keeper. His job was to hide the pebble in one of the moccasins. The keeper would move his hands rapidly over the moccasins. Even after he dropped the pebble, he would continue to move his hands rapidly, to fool the other team. When the drum stopped, he stopped.

The Finder: One player was the finder. The finder had to turn each moccasin over until he found the pebble.

There was a complicated scoring system. Several rounds were played. A game of Moccasins could go on for hours. It was a very noisy game, and deeply enjoyed by the players.

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