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Daily Life in Olden Times
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Woodland Ojibwa
(Chippewa) Native Americans
Ojibwa Games

The Ojibwa used games to teach their children many things, including good behavior, safe behavior, and other important manners and skills.. The adults enjoyed games as well, especially games of competition. Here are a few of them:

Butterfly Hide and Seek: Butterfly Hide and Seek was a quiet game. It was a fun game for kids that also taught needed skills.

The Moccasin Game: The Moccasin Game was a noisy game. You had to get permission from the village elders to play the Moccasin Game.

Lacrosse: Lacrosse was a rough game. It was also a national game. This was played by kids and adults. The best adult players formed village teams, and villages played villages.

Sep: Sep was a fall asleep game, rather like a funny bedtime story, with a prize. Sep was played by a whole village.

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