Ojibwa Native Americans in Olden Times for Kids and Teachers - The Arrow Maker Illustration

Daily Life in Olden Times
for Kids

Woodland Ojibwa
(Chippewa) Native Americans
The Arrow Maker

A great deal of hunting was done with bow and arrows. The arrow maker made a man's bow and arrows for him. They were made according to his height.

Each hunter had his own mark on the shaft of his arrows. When an arrow killed an animal, it was easy to know whose arrow had done the killing. A man might say, " I killed this bear. The mark on the arrow proves it."

Everyone would take a look. Once they were sure, the hunter who had killed the bear (fox, deer, elk) would remove the arrow to use again. The bear was his to take home to his family. Sometimes people shared a great catch, but it was still his bear to do with as he chose.

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