Ojibwa Northeast Woodland Native Americans for Kids and Teachers Illustration

The Ojibwa Native Americans in Olden Times

Who were the Ojibwa?

The Ojibwa and Chippewa Woodland Native Americans are the same tribe. Some of the other ways their name has appeared is Ojibweg, Ojibwey, Otchipwe, and Chippeway. This tribe called themselves "original men". They lived in the northern Great Lakes Region. They were skilled hunters and trappers. They rarely used horses or hunted buffalo. They lived in clams, and taught their children using all kinds of fun and interesting games. Welcome to the Woodland Ojibwa/Chippewa in Olden Times.

What did the Ojibwa eat?

How did the Ojibwa live? Clans, Marriage, Winter Camps, Summer Villages, Government, Good Manners

Night Messages



The Arrow Maker

Picture Messages

Ojibwa Kids, Self Control, Age Names,
Toys for Boys and Girls, Charcoal Sad Faces

Butterfly Hide and Seek - a quiet game

The Moccasin Pebble Game - a noisy game

Lacrosse - a warrior's game

Sep - a funny bedtime story game


Dream Catchers

The Everything Maker (Wise Owl) retold by Lin Donn
Wise Owl in PowerPoint story format retold by Lin Donn, illustrated by Phillip Martin

The Invisible Warrior (myth, powerpoint) retold by Lin Donn, illustrated by Phillip Martin

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