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Daily Life in Olden Times
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Northeast Iroquois Nations
Warriors, Weapons, Battle Techniques

Iroquois Warriors: The men cleared the fields, and built and repaired the longhouses. Other than that, their time was spent in trading and hunting, and in war and preparing for war.

The men made many types of weapons. They made bows and arrows out of hickory or ash wood. The tips of the arrows were made out of turtle, antler bone, and deer bone. They were very hard. They made blowguns and darts out of wood and hollow reeds, which were used to hunt birds. They made spears with sharp ends.

Iroquois Battle Techniques: Iroquois warriors taught the European settlers valuable lessons in how to use geography to win a battle. The early American colonists learned by watching the Iroquois warriors how to blend into the landscape and fight like guerillas. They watched and learned how to attack quickly, and how to use a small number of men to sneak into enemy territory. The early colonists used the techniques they had learned from Iroquois when fighting the British during the American Revolution.



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