Northeast Woodland Indians Illustration

Northeast Woodland Indians
in Olden Times
For Kids
Northeast, New England States,
lower Canada, westward to Minnesota,
and north of the Ohio River

Meet the fascinating Northeast Indians of the United States and Canada in Olden Times. How did they live? What did they eat? Did kids go to school? What are night messages? What is wampum? How do you play butterfly hide and seek and the moccasin pebble game? What was considered good manners? Who was wise owl? Welcome to the  Iroquois, Ojibwa, Lenape and other Indian tribes in olden times.

Daily Life, Government, Religion, and Inventions

Iroquois Nation in Olden Times for Kids

Ojibwa/Chippewa in Olden Times for Kids

The Lenape Indians in Olden Times for Kids

Eastern Woodlands Virtual Tour

Stories and Games

Wise Owl

The Invisible Warrior

The Medicine Man

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Lesson Plans & Activities for the Northwest Woodland Indians

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