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Northeast Woodland Indians in Olden Times for Kids

Who were the Three Sisters? What were the Snow Snake Games? How do you play Butterfly Hide and Seek and the Moccasin Pebble Game? Why was the League of Nations so unusual? What was wampum? What was considered good manners. How did they live? Did kids go to school? Find out here. Welcome to the Northeast Woodland Indians in Olden Times.

Who were the Northeast Woodland Indians?

There is a huge geographic area in the northeastern part of the United States that is known as the Woodlands. The Woodlands include all five great lakes - Lake Ontario, Erie, Huron, Michigan, and Superior - as well as the Finger Lakes and the Saint Lawrence River.

No early people had it easy, but the Woodland Region certainly offered many opportunities to find food and shelter. There were wild fruits and vegetables. There was plenty of wood available from birch, oak, elm, fir, and maple trees to use as firewood and to make homes and tools.

As early people wandered into the Woodland Region, many stayed. Thousands of years later, when European colonists began moving into the same area, they called these early people the Woodland Indians. By the time the European colonists arrived, there were many different groups of people who made their home in the Woodlands.

Today, the Iroquois people, the Ojibwa/Chippewa, and the Lenape Indians live like their non-Indian neighbors, but they still enjoy many of their old traditions. Click on the links below to explore the Woodland Indians in olden times.

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