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Native Americans used games to teach their children safety, strength, agility, and sportsmanship. The games were fun but they had purpose. The game of Sep, the Toe Toss game, the Hand Game, the Snow Snake game and other games listed below are real Native American games that you can play at home or at school. They were very popular games in olden times and are still fun and challenging today. Good luck!

The Hand Game (Nez Perce)

Butterfly Hide and Seek (Ojibwa)

Moccasin Game (Ojibwa)

Lacrosse (Ojibwa)

Sep (Ojibwa)

Snow Snake Game (Iroquois)

Toe Toss Stick (Apache)

BEAR RACE  (Northwest Coastal) No equipment needed. Northwest Coast Play. Outside, hallway, or classroom if room allows: "Players line up behind starting line. At a signal they begin to run imitating a bearís shuffling gait Ė place left hand and right foot forward at the same time, then right hand and left foot forward. The first over the finish line wins; or the one with the best imitation of a bear may win. Older Children can return to the starting line to make the race longer and more challenging. Lesson: Observe ways of nature around you (in this care, the bearís movements). It also teaches that speed is not always as important as correct play." MORE: A list of other Native American games you can play in your classroom, with instructions, make your own game setup or have your kid do it

These are fun and interactive Native American games you can play online. Flash games have been removed.

Hoop and Darts game, interactive

Dr. Dirt's Time Travel Machine - Life Long Ago - Flintnappers, interactive

World of the Caddo, interactive

Solve an Ancient Mystery, Plains Native Americans, interactive

Adventures into the Past, interactive

Guess the Word before the Turtle Hides in His Shell, Interactive

Match the Dwellings to the First American Group, interactive

Weave a Virtual Wampum Belt, interactive

Whose Feature Is It? interactive 

Native American Stories

Native American Stories - Child of Water and Little Blue Rock, Wise Owl, Clever Coyote, The Invisible Warrior, How Raven Stole Crow's Potlatch, and more

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