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Native American Art for Kids

"There are over 500 Indigenous Nations in North America! Each nation or tribe brings a unique artistic vision to the arts." Native American Activities for Kids

Native Americans used items found in nature to make creative jewelry, baskets, drawings, paintings, quillwork, ceramics, metalwork, masks, canoes, textiles, weaving, and other arts. Their art honored their gods, told stories, and stored goods. With the use of feathers and leather and dyes and grass and wood and bark and rocks and clay, they created art that was both practical and beautiful.

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Weave a Virtual Wampum Belt, interactive

Plains Porcupine Quills

Plains Native Americans Art & Beading

Seminole Bead Art

Kachina Dolls

Seminole Dolls

Cherokee Arts

Navajo Arts

Northwest Woven Mats

Northwest Moneyblankets & Coppers

Totem Poles

Baskets and Their Use

Kokopelli (Kokoani)

Dream Catchers

Powwow Drums games

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