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Retold by Lin Donn

Clever Coyote (Plains Indians)
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Wise Owl (Iroquois Creation Myth)
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The Invisible Warrior (Woodland Indians)

Child of Water and Little Blue Rock (Apache Myth)
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How Raven Stole Crow's Potlatch (NW Coastal Pacific Indians)
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The Hero Twins (Maya)
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Place of the Prickly Pear Cactus (Aztec)

Journey of a Princess (Aztec)

Ye ho waah (Cherokee Origin Myth)

The Medicine Man (many tribes)

Retold by others

The Big Myth - Inuit - Raven

Raven Stories (Eldrberry)

Legend of the Dreamcatcher

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Circle of Stories

Old Legends of the Plains people

Native American Stories

Words of Wisdom from famous chiefs and tribes

Native American Fables

Native American Legends (lots and lots of them!)