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Daily Life in Olden Times
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Everglades Seminole Indians

What did they wear?

Clothes: Babies wore patchwork dresses. 

At about age 3, the boys continued to wear a knee length one piece garment. The girls moved to a 2 piece garment - a blouse with puffy sleeves and a wide long skirt. 

As a girl grew older, she had to wear three long skirts at the same time. 

The Seminole made patchwork clothes, carefully hand sewn. Some had appliqué and embroidery. Some had silver jewelry sewn on them. Clothes were bright and cheery.

Silver Jewelry: The Seminole made and wore many rings and bracelets made of silver. 

Beads: The women wrapped necklaces of beads around their necks. 

Seminole Beads and Bead Customs

Seminole Clothing

Seminole Hairstyles

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