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Native Americans for Kids


Come meet the early people of the Americas. Learn what people invented to make themselves happy and comfortable. Read fabulous myths! Play games! Meet mischievous magical beings. Explore the daily life of the people who lived in the Americas a long time ago - some of them right here, in your backyard. Enter a world very different from your own. Take part in a booger ceremony. Meet spirit guides and storytellers. Learn about table manners, village life, battle techniques, the 3 sisters, the snowsnake games, secret messages, the naming ceremony, the arrowmaker, and the butterfly game. Enter the darkening land and meet clever coyote, a very bad raven, and other symbol stories, fables, and myths.

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About 40,000 years ago

First Nations of North America

Northeast Woodland Tribes and Nations

Southeast Woodland Tribes and Nations

Plains Indians

Southwest Indians

Pacific Coastal Northwest Indians

Inland Plateau People

Native Americans of the Far North, Arctic, the Inuit

California Indians

Mexico, Central & South America

The Inca Empire

The Maya Empire

The Aztec Empire

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Other Sections

Stories, Myths, and Legends

Symbol Stories




Medicine Man


Totem Poles

The Pow-wow, Pow-wow Dances, & Pow-wow Etiquette

The Potlatch

Native American Art

Games & Things to Make and Do


Some Principal Tribes

Comparison Chart (Europeans & Indians)

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Free Fun Clip Art for Native Americans



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